Roadside Assistance

Do you live in Shelby or Wilmington, North Carolina? Do you need roadside assistance after a car accident, flat tire, or other mishap?
Mid-Atlantic Towing is here to help!

Call us at 888-856-1806 or use our online form, and a team member will bring you and your vehicle to safety.

Roadside Assistance in the Shelby, Charlotte & Wilmington Areas

Getting stranded on the side of the road, in a parking lot, or at a residence can be a drag. Our vehicles mean a lot to us, and knowing something is wrong can evoke a lot of stress.

That’s why Mid-Atlantic Towing goes above and beyond to provide a hassle-free experience. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, our light-duty towing professionals have the skills and equipment to assist you. In addition, our sturdy tie-down equipment will ensure your vehicle is secure and ready to be transported.

Towing A Wide Variety of Vehicles

Our towing professionals are prepared to handle a challenge and can pull any vehicle out of any sticky situation.

Whether it’s stuck in the mud, snow, or halfway down an embankment, you can trust our roadside assistance providers to take the most efficient removal route. We aim to turn your mood from doom to relief as we do our part to get you back on track.

From Everyday Sedans to Fleet Vehicles

Our expert drivers can tow anything from a police van to a Honda Accord. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving in a work vehicle or on a road trip; issues can arise, and that’s where our team comes in. So let us take the wheel and provide the help you need.

Our towing experts go above and beyond to provide roadside assistance services that get you back on the road with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to your routine.

If you have a commercial fleet that needs towing, maintenance, or transport, contact Mid-Atlantic Towing to reduce downtime and maximize profits.

We’ll help you get back on the road, hassle-free. Fill out our form or give us a call to Get A Free Estimate!

You’re in Charge with Roadside Assistance from Mid-Atlantic Towing

Our team is happy to bring you home to an auto body shop or whatever location is best for you and your vehicle. We’re here to ensure you get from Point A to Point B without a hitch.

Your driver is happy to answer your questions and can also recommend a local business that provides additional assistance, such as mechanical or collision repair.

Our roadside assistance perks and services include:

  • Towing You Safely to your Destination of Choice.
  • Towing Personal and Fleet Vehicles.

  • State-of-the-Art Tie-Down Equipment.

  • Two Locations for Your Convenience.


Our employees bring 15-plus years’ of experience to the team. We take pride in knowing your vehicle will be delivered damage-free using our top-of-the-line equipment.

At Mid-Atlantic Towing, we understand you need a tow company you can count on. Our mission is to provide timely, efficient, and affordable towing services and roadside assistance in a professional manner.

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    From Our Customers…

    Mid-Atlantic was great every step of the way. Rob was very professional and knowledgeable. Everything has been on time and handled with care. Very glad I chose Mid-Atlantic.